The George Whitefield Society is a non-profit foundation, formed in 1995 by a group of Christian business men in the Oklahoma City area. We take our name from George Whitefield, one of the preeminent evangelists of the 18th century Great Awakening in Great Britain and America. Whitefield preached in the open air, to the common man and was greatly used by the Lord. His message centered on the doctrines of God's sovereign grace, the new birth and faith and life in Jesus Christ. One observer remarked of Whitefield's ministry that, "The work embraced all classes, all ages, and all moral conditions. It bound pastors and people together with a strong bond of sympathy. It made men students of the Word of God and brought them in thought and purpose and effort into communion with their Father in heaven."

In addition to his itinerant preaching ministry, Whitefield also founded an orphanage in Savannah, Georgia, gave books to church pastors and relief to the poor and others in financial need. We hope to emulate the ministry of George Whitefield in our own time and place by sponsoring free conferences on Biblical studies and current issues facing Evangelicals and by dispensing benevolent funds to those in need.

The late Dr. James Montgomery Boice, noted pastor, author and speaker on the Bible Study Hour radio program, spoke at our first five annual conferences. In honor of his friendship and work in our city, we renamed our annual conferences as The James Montgomery Boice Lectures. By God's grace, the conference ministry has continued despite Dr. Boice's absence. Our most recent speaker was the Rev. Eric Alexander of St. Andrews, Scotland.