The mission of the Whitefield Society is modeled after that of George Whitefield, who was known primarily for preaching in the open air, to the common man, the gospel of Jesus Christ, God's sovereign grace and the necessity of the new birth. To emulate Whitefield, we sponsor annual conferences, open free of charge to the general public, focusing on Biblical instruction on such topics as the humiliation and exaltation of Christ and the majesty of God displayed in His holiness and sovereignty. Our first five conferences featured the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice. In his memory, we have named our conferences, The James Montgomery Boice Lectures. Most recently, it has been our privilege have Rev. Eric Alexander of Scotland carry on this teaching ministry.

George Whitefield was also known for giving liberally to the poor. His motto was: "Poor yet making others rich." Near and dear to Whitefield's heart was the orphanage he founded in Georgia - one of the first orphanages to be opened in America. In similar fashion, the Whitefield Society distributes benevolent funds to needy individuals and families, and we financially support the ongoing work at a Christian orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

Finally, George Whitefield had a ministry to pastors. We, too, think this is important for our day, and we carry on this work through the provision of books on Reformation theology. We also provide financial gifts to pastors so that they may attend annual conferences sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

In all that we seek to do, the mission of the Whitefield Society is, simply put, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God. Like George Whitefield, our Society believes completely in the grace of God and his sovereign power to accomplish this great Commission. We are useful only in bringing glory to Him.